If you’re looking for a conventional dining experience, you’ve come to the wrong place.  “Conventional” is the furthest thing from our minds.

Revel and Rations is operated by Mark Gennrich, a chef based in southeastern North Carolina. Working with locally-owned restaurants and venues, R+R creates innovating experiences that accentuate the joy of great food and drink. Every event is different, a unique expression of our love of gourmet cooking and the joys of service.

So if you take pictures of your food before digging in… if you believe there’s real magic in tasting something new and delicious… if you agree with us that every meal can be an adventure… read on.


Off the Hook

Revel and Rations held our second pop-up dining event, titled “Off the Hook,” at By the Bridge in Swansboro, NC on February 26. The seven-course tasting menu for this event centered on seafood dishes, each with an R+R twist.   

Southern Comfort

Our inaugural pop-up dining experience, Southern Comfort at By the Bridge in Swansboro, was a big success.  We had 30 guests enjoying seven different courses of Southern cuisine with a twist.  Pictures from the evening and copies of both our menu and the By the Bridge cocktail menu for the evening can be found here. Thanks to everyone who supported us. We had an awesome time cooking for all of you!

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